What is it?

In any field in the modern age there is a unnamed requirement to become familiar with computing, programming and technology. Even if you want to become an artist or an author being able to take control of your online presence is essential to promote your vision.

This programs aims to start with children in grade 6-10 to lay a sound foundation on interest in the world of programming.

The PyChill Summer program’s objective is to immerse students into the world of computing through hands on experience in order to inspire them for years to come.

Grade 6-10 being the formative years for students in academics, electronics and programming is presumed to be an overwhelming discipline to venture into. The primary objective of this workshop, thus, is to garner students’ interest in computing and its applications to lay a sound foundation in the subjects through a series of group discussions and immersive exercises, providing them a hands on opportunity to explore the various aspects that go into creating content and develop online social skills.

The highlight of the workshop is making students comfortable in computing and letting them discover the various tools on web to become responsible citizens. It is a simple hands­-on activity that lets students design, program and build a simple programs in the classroom.

Instead of using learning by rote approach students will discover the various tools and techniques used in building software for the web and learning in the process.

The team

Anuvrat Parashar : Python Backend Developer
Ashutosh Goel : Intern from Jaypee Python Trainee
Kantesh Raj : Developer by day. Entrepreneur by night.
Maheshwar Seelam : Landscaper and Agri-horticulturist
Manoj Singh : Python Backend Developer
Satyakam Goswami : Foss ( Free and Open Source Software Junkie)
Saurabh Kumar : Python Hacker
Shobha Tyagi  : GNOME Foundation Member, Asst Professor Manav Rachna International University

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